Diplomacy, Integrity and speaking with Honesty based on Truth


1. the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness.

2. freedom from deceit or fraud.


1. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.

2. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.

From a very young age most of us are taught to be polite, say the right things, and act appropriately. Unfortunately, this comes at a hidden cost. In an effort to be diplomatic we stop being true to ourselves. In other words, our integrity is compromised. Instead of being truthful about how we feel and what we think we instead sensor ourselves in the name of being socially acceptable and correct. We learn to conform, not hurt others feelings and care take each other emotionally. Western society truly does value form over spirit in many ways. The result is a feeling of being repressed and perhaps unfulfilled and frustrated. When we can’t speak directly to each other in a truthful manner and we are focused more on how things are being said rather than what is being said we create confusion and conflict in our relationships.
I’m not suggesting we become belligerent with each other in the name of truth telling, as some we all know however, I feel it’s of value to begin to be true to ourselves and then to be truthful with each other. I’ve always said to those in my life that I’d rather hear the truth than to be told an untruth or be deceived.  To have integrity means to be honest and truthful. I think we need more of this in the world today. Relationships require tough conversations. We must pick up the role of truth teller in our lives. Our own health and the health of our relationships count on it.
If you are like me you want to know where you stand with others and you want to feel free to let others know where you stand as well. Let’s clear up the confusion begin by noticing where you sensor yourself, where you choose form over spirit and where you repress your true feelings and thoughts about a subject in order to fit in and not rock the boat. 

 Being honest does not have to mean being brutal. We can speak our truth in a gentle and kind way. We can be true to who we are and honor others in the process by being honest. Remember courage is acting in the face of fear not the absence of it. 

 In my campaign I stated I would dedicate myself to act with integrity, be accountable to you and display transparency in my role as the Region Director for Thompson Okanagan. In order to do this I must from time to time speak honestly to confront untruths, deceit or others acting without integrity and do so with diplomacy. In the next four years I know there will be many times when I must face with courage those that do not act with diplomacy and TOM will be just one communication source to speak to those times.

Marsee and Pishshapmishko Daniel Pitman Region Director Thomspon Okanagan

Interior Conference Coast Kamloops Hotel October 24th and 25th

Aboriginal RunWalk & Honour Your Health Challenge

Helping you to create your own community healthy living project

Are you an employee of a First Nation, Métis Chartered Community or Friendship Centre, an Aboriginal Education or Health promoter, or simply interested in leading an Aboriginal group in your community that promotes health and wellness? If so, then the Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities program is for you!


  • AHLA documents are also available on our website: http://www.bcaafc.com/initiatives/asrpa-partners-council   
  • We are attempting to increase the number of male participants. If anyone knows of men working in the health area or employed by an aboriginal organization, please encourage them to register 
  • Please note that registration is limited, once your registration form is received you will be notified of acceptance.


Designed to bring together community leaders and individuals who are passionate about supporting health and wellness, the 2012/13 Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities begins with a series of regionally based Leader Training Conferences delivered in partnership with the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation & Physical Activity Partners Council and SportMedBC. Workshops offered at the conferences will combine leader training for both the Aboriginal RunWalk and the Honour Your Health Challenge programs. The conferences are designed to build leadership capacity within Aboriginal communities and promote healthy living in key areas such as, but not limited to: increased physical activity, healthy eating, reduction of tobacco misuse and healthy pregnancies. At the conclusion of the 2-day Leader Training Conferences, participants will be eligible to apply for a grant to support the delivery of an Aboriginal RunWalk program or to create a healthy living project as part of the Honour Your Health Challenge.


— These 13-week programs support participants of all fitness levels in preparing to walk or run a 10K event. SportMedBC will provide training and support to community leaders as they facilitate a RunWalk training program, starting in January 2013. Upon completion of the Leader Training Conferences, community leaders will have the training, tools and resources to motivate and inspire participants to successfully complete a 10K walk or run.


—Individuals will emerge from the training workshops equipped to develop and deliver their own 6-week Honour Your Health Challenge project within their community or Friendship Centre that promotes a healthy lifestyle in the areas of increased physical activity, healthy eating, reduction of tobacco misuse and healthy pregnancies. Training workshops consists of information/resource sharing and educational training in the areas of health and wellness. These workshops will be delivered by facilitators with expertise in their respective areas, including traditional/holistic health, exercise, tobacco cessation, childhood obesity, food skills, and more.


— Minor grants, which may be critical to the success of establishing healthy living projects in Aboriginal communities and Friendship Centres across BC, are available. Trained Aboriginal RunWalk and Honour Your Health Challenge leaders can apply for these grants to support the delivery of one of the following project areas:

 Planning and hosting of a 5k or 10k Run/Walk event. SportMedBC and the Partners Council encourage RunWalk events to operate on National Aboriginal Day (June 21, 2013)

 Development and implementation of a 6-week program (between January and March 2013) aligned to one or more of the four Healthy Living priority areas (Nutrition, Physical Activity, Healthy Pregnancies and/or Smoking Cessation or Prevention)


Minor grants are available ONLY to those that have attended a Leader Training Conference.

For additional information on any of these activities, please email:

Dallas SquireManager – Healthy Living Activities – dsquire@bcaafc.com

The Importance of TOM Website and Facebook

I designed the TOM Website, TOM Facebook and twitter @tometis media outlets to connect with other Métis and in particular those that reside in the Thompson Okanagan. I want to build pride through communication, connection and collaboration to establish a network of information.

I hope you will contribute to the web site with items that pertain to issues affecting Métis people. I hope that you continue to support my mission. Please let people know about TOM (Thompson Okanagan Métis) at http://toMétis .com/ and http://www.facebook.com/#!/ThompsonOkanaganMetis

Pishshapmishko Daniel Pitman Region Director Thompson Okanagan

“Working to the Future”

Vision; in the next four years I will promote Métis rights prominently to the government officials in authority at the Provincial level. I will communicate the historical footprint and documentation of Métis people in British Columbia as a significant voice and ensure MNBC supports all the communities in the Thompson Okanagan. I want to ensure all the communities have funds to promote Aboriginal Day, Louis Riel Day and Metis Graduation Ceremonies. I want to ensure cultural activities are promoted to help build Metis Pride and awareness, promote connection between Metis people in the Thompson Okanagan and promote culture to help our children learn what it means to be Metis.

Teamwork; I will communicate, connect and collaborate with the excellent resources available to me, that being the Directors (Technicians) of each Ministry. The Technicians are significantly under valued as the ones guiding, informing and being influential to the MNBC Ministers. There are many staff operating MNBC and they all contribute to the well being of the Métis Nation British Columbia.

Decision Making; taking action is a combination of acting quickly but not hasty. Taking a “vision” and with a team approach being committed to the decision. The team is analytical in their approach but not too much as analysis can cause paralysis and no decision is made.

Character and Passion; are key elements. I have spoken to character many times and many of you have witnessed the passion I have for this Nation and the Métis people it represents. It is character and passion that fuels inspiration and builds confidence within us all. We are stronger united as one then divided in many.

 Daniel Pitman Region Director Thompson Okanagan