“Working to the Future”

Vision; in the next four years I will promote Métis rights prominently to the government officials in authority at the Provincial level. I will communicate the historical footprint and documentation of Métis people in British Columbia as a significant voice and ensure MNBC supports all the communities in the Thompson Okanagan. I want to ensure all the communities have funds to promote Aboriginal Day, Louis Riel Day and Metis Graduation Ceremonies. I want to ensure cultural activities are promoted to help build Metis Pride and awareness, promote connection between Metis people in the Thompson Okanagan and promote culture to help our children learn what it means to be Metis.

Teamwork; I will communicate, connect and collaborate with the excellent resources available to me, that being the Directors (Technicians) of each Ministry. The Technicians are significantly under valued as the ones guiding, informing and being influential to the MNBC Ministers. There are many staff operating MNBC and they all contribute to the well being of the Métis Nation British Columbia.

Decision Making; taking action is a combination of acting quickly but not hasty. Taking a “vision” and with a team approach being committed to the decision. The team is analytical in their approach but not too much as analysis can cause paralysis and no decision is made.

Character and Passion; are key elements. I have spoken to character many times and many of you have witnessed the passion I have for this Nation and the Métis people it represents. It is character and passion that fuels inspiration and builds confidence within us all. We are stronger united as one then divided in many.

 Daniel Pitman Region Director Thompson Okanagan

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