Message from the Thompson Okanagan Women’s Representative

“Empowering Métis Women to fulfill their potentials in all aspects of their lives: physical health and well-being, cultural connection, community involvement, family well-being, education, and economic security.”       Métis Women of British Columbia Mandate

My name is Debra Tamagi and I have the distinct privilege of serving as Regional Women’s Representative for the Thompson Okanagan for the next term.  I am new to the Metis Nation (receiving my metis card only one year ago) and therefore, have much to learn. I look forward to this process as I am very keen and excited to learn. As your representative my personal goal will be to get to know you as individuals and especially the women of this region; who you are, what you want, what you dream about, and how I can help you find that. I am very interested in the journey each of you is on.  I do believe that we are part of a collective whole, here to help one another.  I will strive to use all of my talents and strengths to bring value to each of you through opportunities to learn and grow and connect with one another and with our Metis heritage.

I will ask for your patience and understanding as I find my way in this new arena.  I am always OPEN and available to listen to questions, concerns and ideas, and in fact, would LOVE to hear from you. I will be approaching this new position from a grassroots perspective.  Your involvement and participation will be instrumental.  

Sincerely, Debra Tamagi, Regional Women’s Representative, Thompson Okanagan, MNBC

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