Region 3 Womens Representative Report

Woman’s Regional Representative Thompson Okanagan Update:

February 9th and 10th the Regional Women’s Representatives and Provincial Chair for the Metis Women of British Columbia met in Richmond for our very first face-to-face with one another. It was a very focused session and it was a privilege to meet the dynamic Metis women who have stepped forward to volunteer their time in an effort to contribute to the cause of the Metis people of BC. We got to know one another as women as well as ask the questions of how we should go about attending to the work before us. As a Regional Representative my role is to support the community women’s reps as they are the ones in contact with their communities.
We discussed everything from the election to available funding to potential grant opportunities to roles and responsibilities to policies and procedures to brainstorming for ideas around future events. We talked about who we all thought ‘women’ traditionally were in our culture; the caregiver and the nurturer, the core of our families….interested and concerned for health and healing, family, children, the elderly. The question was posed: What else? Are there other things that today’s woman is concerned about? There was much lively discussion and very good conversation. Through all of it one main focus seemed to surface (at least for me); Communication: the need for it and the importance of it.
Who are the Metis Women of BC? On a grassroots level, what are the areas of concern and interest of our women? How do we (as your Women’s Representatives and Community Presidents) communicate with you? Email? Telephone? Events? Mail-out questionnaire?
I would LOVE to hear from you!! Tell me how I can contact you and I will call you today 
On March 15th through 17th I attended the AGM for the Women of the Metis Nation in Ottawa. In attendance were 10 representatives of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The sessions were led by Michelle LeClair and Kathy Hodgson-Smith. We heard from distinguished guests such as Clement Chartier (President of the MNC), Melanie Omeniho (President of Women of the Metis Nation). We also entered into a full day ‘Strategic Planning & Priorities’ for the Women of the Metis Nation. We focused on four main areas of growth and change for 2013/2014:
• The Voice of Women: Culture, Communication and Traditional Knowledge
• Governance, Capacity Building, and Organizational Development
• Health, Education, and Economic Development
• Social Justice
In each of these areas we worked through priorities and associated activities, identifying how objectives could be initiated, established and eventually measured, offering feedback and input to work-plans in progress. It was a very full two days and a lot of ground was covered.
I personally would love to hear from each of you; your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and questions. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Write in! I would love to hear from you!
Debra Tamagi

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