Thompson-Okanagan Volunteer Elders Needed

Métis Elders Needed Thompson/Okanagan


Metis Nation British Columbia Ministry of Health is pleased
to invite Métis Elders of the Thompson Okanagan Region to
join other Métis Elders of our region in participating in a
newly funded opportunity specifically designed for Métis

“From the Voices of Our Elders….Metis Knowledge”
This project is designed to bring together interested Volunteer
Métis Elders, forming an Elders Peer Support Network,
to share their knowledge of Métis History, Culture, and
practices with our younger generations.
Elder participants will also be given the opportunity to gain
basic public speaking skills through the guidance of a
trained public speaker.

The Elders will work together drawing from their combined
strengths and knowledge to design information sessions
and/or activities to be led by the Elders and shared with the
young people of their Metis Chartered Communities.
Over the duration of the program we will host nine (9)
Elders Peer Support Network teleconferences, three (3)
face to face gatherings and engage regularly, with the seven
Metis Chartered Communities of the Thompson Okanagan
Métis region (travel costs will be covered).
The goals of our project are to promote social interaction
bridging the gap between Elders and Youth, to decrease
Elders isolation, and to increase community connectedness.
Including the creation of an Elders Peer Support Network.
If you are interested in par0cipa0ng or want more informa0on please contact:

Gail Parenteau
Métis Nation British Columbia
Region Health Coordinator
Mobile: 250 309 3101

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