Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Merritt B.C.

MERRITT CAMPUS 250.378.3300

TOLL FREE 1.877.682.3300


For application / registration or more information:

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology 250-378-3300


Employment Skills Access

Merritt Campus September 16, 2013 to November 29, 2013

The Employment Skills Access program focuses on Aboriginal content in the curriculum.

An Employment Skills Access certificate is awarded to recognize the successful completion

of the program. The program is ten weeks in length and will be delivered at Merritt campus.

Tuition free for participants who are unemployed and not on Employment Assistance.

Completion Plan

• EMSK 041 Cultural Orientation

• EMSK 042 Personal Development

• EMSK 043 Workplace Essentials

• EMSK 044 Career Exploration and Networking

• EMSK 045 Math in the Workplace

• EMSK 046 English in the Workplace

• EMSK 047 Intro. To Workplace Computer Skills

• EMSK 048 Essential Skills Practicum

Admission to the program is granted on recommendation from the program coordinator on a first-come-first-served basis. Admission is open to learners that are unemployed, under-employed, Aboriginal, immigrant, older workers, persons with disabilities, or who are socially marginalized.

The Employment Skills Access program is designed to assist students in acquiring essential skills for the workplace in British Columbia. The program is unique in that it emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and standards relevant to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal individuals, families, and communities. The program also includes First Aid, Serving It Right, Food Safe, Health and Safety, and First Host.







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