MNBC News Release October 25, 2013 – ONCE AGAIN MNBC COMES UNDER ATTACK!

Abbotsford, BC – [October 25, 2013] over the past several years, the BC Metis Federation (BCMF) and its leader have been relentless in their attacks on MNBC, its leadership and its senior management. In countless postings on its website, the BCMF has made allegations and innuendo about MNBC, some very personal. Most times MNBC chooses to ignore these outrageous postings, recognizing that the leader of the BCMF has a personal issue with MNBC because he was once the Chief Executive Officer of MNBC until the demand of his resignation in September 2008. This time however, we could not ignore the six pages of mind‐numbing error‐ridden ramblings of this individual about MNBC’s 2012/13 audited financial statements that he posted on the BCMF website on October 21, 2013. Our review of the six pages quickly confirmed that this is simply yet another smear tactic against MNBC and he is anything but an accountant.

Manning Elliott, a chartered accounting firm, has audited MNBC’s annual financial statements. MNBC provided the 2012/13 annual financial statements to all MNBC Citizens attending MNBC’s annual general meeting held at the end of September in Richmond. In addition, the audited financial statements were posted on MNBC’s website immediately after the AGM.

The communications posted on the BCMF website about MNBC’s 2012/13 audited financial statements contain many incorrect and misleading statements. To correct the most blatant items of false and misleading information, MNBC is providing the following to MNBC Citizens:

Download PDF’s for full news release and financial statements:


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