Honouring Our Past, Embracing Our Future: An Aboriginal Youth Forum

February 7th-10th, 2014

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the

Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Registration Deadline: Registration forms must be submitted to your

organization no later than DECEMBER 2nd, 2013 at 4:00 pm.

Send your completed forms to: (Please send an email to confirm your application has been received)

Métis Youth BC Kate Elliot


Email: kelliott@mnbc.ca      Fax: 604-557-2024

Location: Tin Wis, Tofino, British Columbia

Description: This is the sixth annual youth forum co-hosted by the Unified Aboriginal

Youth Collective (UAYC) in partnership with the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and

Reconciliation. The UAYC forum will bring together youth leaders from each of the

UAYC member organizations, Elders, and leadership from Aboriginal organizations,

government, and other stakeholders to discuss the themes of embracing our pasts and

taking proactive action towards brighter futures. The forum will take a holistic look at who

we are as Indigenous peoples and how we can work towards stronger, united communities.

Explore and learn about yourself and how you can strive to reach your full potential though

living life to the fullest with us at the UAYC Youth Forum.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the

Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Travel and Accommodation

Travel and accommodation will be paid for and booked by the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations

and Reconciliation. Please ensure that your contact information on the forms is complete, and

that your travel and preferences are clearly stated. Once your registration forms have been

submitted, you will be contacted to arrange a travel booking.

Registration Procedures: Each organization can register a maximum of 8 individuals.

Each UAYC Member organization will have rooms available to divide between Elders,

Elders’ assistants, youth and chaperones as they see fit. Organizations are encouraged to

invite at least two Elders. Please keep rooming arrangements in mind when creating your

registration list. Each alternate must have a fully completed registration form.

Additional Information:


Late registrations or changes to the registration list will not be accepted.


Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted. Full contact information

needs to be included on every form.



Registrations must be completed for youth, Elders, Elders’ assistants and chaperones

and alternates.

Please note that due to funding and space limitations, alternates will not attend the

forum unless any of the other delegates state that they cannot attend.



Travel will be booked in the most cost-effective manner possible. In cases where it

is cheaper to fly than drive, costs for driving will not be reimbursed.



For participants travelling by car, only the driver will be paid the mileage reimbursement.


Travel costs such as bus fare or taxi fare to get to the forum and back will be reimbursed

after the event.



Participants will be financially responsible for any fees due to flight changes or cancellation.


For participants travelling by plane, you MUST HAVE TWO (2) pieces of valid picture ID

in order to board the plane. A driver’s license or passport will be accepted. A status card,

Métis card, birth certificate, or SIN card may not be accepted by airlines.

Due to space limitations, the forum coordinator will work with youth delegates and chaperones

to arrange room sharing where appropriate.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the

Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation


**All sections MUST be filled in to complete the registration process**

First Name Last Name


(Youth Organization)

Mailing Address

City Province Postal Code

Phone Alternate Phone Fax


Gender Male Female



Birth Date:

If under 19, name and phone number of the adult accompanying you:

Adult Name: ________________________________ Phone: _____________________________


Registering as a Youth

If under 19, name and phone number of the adult accompanying you:

Chaperone Name:________________________ Chaperone Phone Number:____________

Registering as an Alternate

If under 19, name and phone number of the adult accompanying you:

Adult Name:_____________________________ Adult Phone Number:________________

Registering as an Elder

Name of assistant:_____________________________


Registering as an Elder’s Assistant

Name of Elder you are accompanying:____________________________________

Registering as a Chaperone (19 years of age or older)

Names of Youth Under your Supervision:

1. ________________________________ 4. _________________________________

2. ________________________________ 5. _________________________________

3. ________________________________


What city or airport will you be departing from?_______________________________________

What is your preferred mode of travel? _____________________________________________

Preferred departure date and time:________________________________________________

Preferred return date and time:___________________________________________________

Any special travel needs or requests:_______________________________________________




Please note that due to space limitations, youth and chaperones will be asked to share a room.

Roommate requests will be accommodated as much as possible, but cannot always be met.

Elders’ assistants will share rooms with Elders, unless otherwise specified.

Roommate requests:__________________________________________________________

Any special accommodation concerns:___________________________________________

Food allergies or relevant health concerns:_______________________________________

Honouring Our Past, Embracing Our Future: An Aboriginal Youth Forum

Code of Ethics:

Please remember that you are attending this forum because you are an Aboriginal youth

leader. The following behaviour is important not just for yourself, but also because you are

a role model to your community:

Show respect for all participants of the conference.


Show respect for the social / cultural values of other youth from other communities.


Show respect for the forum organizers (staff, volunteers, guests, presenters, service

personnel, and hotel staff).

 Participate fully in all forum activitiesworkshops, discussions, evening events, and

all other activities.

Demonstrate respect by refraining from alcohol or drug use at any time on your way

to the conference, during the conference or on your way from home from the conference.

There will be zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol by all delegates, chaperones and guests.

Honour the safety of others and commit to a forum free from violence, weapons,

harassment or threats.

Remember that your personal conduct, both in and out of the conference, reflects

upon your community and it is your responsibility to safeguard the reputation and pride

of all Aboriginal people.

The forum organizers reserve the right to send home any delegates who do not

adhere to this code of conduct.

I agree to the UAYC 2014 Youth Forum code of ethics as described above.


Signature (all forum attendees):___________________________Date:________________

Chaperone Roles and Responsibilities


There must be one chaperone for every five participants under the age of 18


Chaperones must be 19 or older. 

Chaperones must:

Make sure that your designated youth are with you AT ALL TIMES.


Be responsible for the safety, welfare, and conduct of your youth at all times.


Conduct yourself in a responsible manner and act as a positive role model for youth.


Assist youth in arriving in a timely manner to workshops and events, and ensure

youth remain in their workshops until the session is complete.

Speak to your youth before arrival at the conference. Let them know what to expect,

what their responsibilities are, and remind them of the code of conduct for the forum.

I agree to the UAYC 2014 Youth Forum chaperone responsibilities.


Chaperone Signature:________________________________Date:___________________

Please note that this information is being collected and used for the purposes of arranging travel and

accommodation for UAYC participants by the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. If you

have any questions or concerns, please contact:


Stephanie Gabel, Senior Advisor at: 250-356-9106 or Stephanie.Gabel@gov.bc.ca.

Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

PO Box 9100 Stn Prov Govt Victoria, BC

V8W 9B1

Fax: 250-356-946


Photos, video, and sound recordings of activity participants may be taken in order to document

and promote UAYC initiatives and events. These may be used in any and all media, including

reports, photo displays, websites, action plans, and promotional materials.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Location: Tofino, British Columbia, Tin Wis Resort

Event: UAYC 2014 Youth Forum

Identification (circle one):


Image/Recording Only Image/Recording and Name

* We will only release names or give out any other information regarding the identification of

individuals in materials if image/recordin and name is circled above.

If you are over 18, please print and sign below to give permission to use your

photo/video image or voice recording:


Name (please print): _____________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________________________

For youth under 18, parent or guardian permission must be given for use of

photo/video/sound recordings. For youth in care, social worker’s permission must be

given for use of photo/video/sound recordings. Please sign below to give permission for

the use of a photo/video image or voice recording of this youth:

Name of youth: ___________________________________________________

Name of parent or garudian (please print): ______________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________________

What to bring list:

Bring your enthusiasm, curiosity and leadership!

Dress for the Weather and Outdoors

It will be cold in the evenings so be prepared and pack warm- there is a

beach to enjoy!

Prepare for possible wet conditions-hiking boots, rubber boots, rain gear (if you have them)

Flashlight, headlamp for walking around or down to the beach in the dark

Clothing that allows you to actively participate in workshops

There is a gym and swimming pool- bring appropriate clothing if you’d like

to enjoy these amenities.

Sunday Night Talent Show

The Talent Show on Sunday

Night is a chance for you to display a ‘talent’ or share a cultural song/dance if you wish.

Consider bringing along the following:

Traditional regalia

Musical instrument


Toiletry/Hygiene Items:

You know yourself best. Bring those toiletries and overnight supplies you will

need to spend 4 days away from home. Contact your organization representative

if you would like a detailed list of recommended items to bring.

Pack for Traveling

Pack accordingly depending on your particular mode of transportation

If you are flying ensure that your luggage fits the criteria in weight/size

If you are travelling with a group (van pickups) ensure to pack light

Resume and Cover Letters:

There will be spare time at the Youth Forum where you can receive support to

refine and improve your cover letters and resumes and maximize your chances

of landing that new job now, or in the future. Learn from others who have

extensive practice identifying and wording skills perfect for your resume.


Do you meditate? Have a daily ceremonial practice? Do yoga? Like to draw or write?

Then bring along whatever items you need to take care of yourself in the amazing

setting of Tin Wis Resort and also what you need to maximize the opportunities for self

reflection (like your journal, or sketch book, yoga mat, medicines etc)

We also invite participants to bring any print resources to share about their communities

youth organizations or movements and/ or information on the tools and resources you

use to engage youth in your communities.

All bedding is supplied. A small fridge is available in each room.


Share your talents, jokes, culture, or other performances with your fellow participants at

the 2014 UAYC Youth Forum!

This talent show creates a welcoming and safe environment to preform or share your

talents with all of us. We would love to see what you can do.


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