NEWS RELEASE “MNBC Proposal Writing Workshop will provide Métis participants with $40,000 in community funding grants”

Abbotsford, BC [February 5, 2014] – MNBC is pleased to announce that they will be distributing $40,000 in community based funding grants to successful Métis participants at the Proposal Writing Workshop in Richmond from February 21-23, 2014 and in light of this grant we are able to now extend our registration until 430PM on February 10th. MNBC is seeking delegates from all over the Province to participate in introductory workshops that will outline the elements of a success proposal and grant.

This workshop will have a health and youth focus and will cover topics such as: purpose and responsibility, organizational readiness, research, development of a formal proposal/grant, and presentation. MNBC will also offer a bonus workshop on social enterprise as an alternative business model for those with business experiences.
The Annual Youth Meeting will be taking place in conjunction with the Proposal Writing Workshop. Youth participants will have the ability to apply for youth specific grants in order to increase their community involvement and develop new coordination and planning skills.
Minister responsible for Youth, Kate Elliott stated “We see this as an opportunity to give back to our communities by not only providing participants with the ability to develop their grant writing skills but to be successful through securing funds for their communities. This will build confidence and give participants something tangible to work towards throughout the workshop”.
Minister responsible for Health, Lissa Smith also commented “Métis Communities will have the opportunity to apply for funding to support Health related activities, like walking groups and “learn to jig”. This funding will help to strengthen Community bonds and increase health outcomes”.
We are seeking both youth and non-youth Community participants for this event.

For Registraton Contact:
Tracey Thornhill

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