Art by First Nations, Metis UBCO students

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art presents Revive the Indian in the Child, on display from March 21 to March 29.

Revive the Indian in the Child is a community art project including a variety of artworks created by First Nations and Metis University of British Columbia Okanagan students. Participants are intergenerational survivors or feel they have been impacted by residential schools. The student works communicate contemporary perspectives involving; identity, family, community, stories, residential schools and its lingering impacts today.

Brandon Ashecroft, a UBC Okanagan student, says: “it is important that we all remember that learning does not just occur through hierarchal systems. Indigenoustraditional knowledge is holistic and never ending. Following these ideals it is important to recognize art as an accessible form that allows everybody to participate in learning, healing, storytelling and reconciliation. Art must be recognized as an important way of maintaining culture and traditional knowledge.”

Join the Alternator on March 21 at 7 p.m. for an opening reception, which will include a discussion group facilitated by Allison Hargreaves at 7:30.

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is an artist-run centre located in Kelowna at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, 421 Cawston Ave. The Alternator is a registered non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the development of the creative community. Since 1989, the Alternator has shown the work of emerging Canadian artists, focused on innovative and non-traditional mediums engaged in social and cultural issues.

Aboriginal Sport, Recreation & Physical Activity Partners Council

2014 Regional Engagement & Planning Meetings

Please join us at one of our Annual Regional Engagement and Planning Meetings!!

These important regional forums are designed for anyone involved with Aboriginal sport, recreation, physical activity, and health promotion. Our aim is to engage all communities (First Nations and Métis), Friendship Centres and other key stakeholder groups committed to building healthy, active communities through sport, recreation and physical activity.

Each Regional Engagement and Planning Meeting will provide an open forum to report on the Partners Council’s 2013/14 regional sport, recreation and physical activity programs, plan for the rollout of the 2014/15 programs/ initiatives and reconfirm the Regional Committee structures that will maintain oversight for this year’s activities.

Interior Merritt Thursday May 1 Lower Nicola Indian Band Hall

**REGISTRATION DEADLINE 14 Days prior to Meeting Date**

Please complete and submit Registration Form to by 14 days prior to meeting date.
All workshops are 1 day in length beginning at 8:00 am breakfast and concluding at 4:30 pm **Exception: Fraser meeting at Tzeachten is 12pm -7pm**
Agendas will be provided 2 weeks prior to meeting, upon registration
Travel subsidies are available for those registered by the deadline and travelling more than 100 km (round trip). Shared accommodations are available for those travelling more than 300 km (round trip) if registered before deadline.

Please forward this notice throughout your networks and post the attached information in your community and/or organization

For more information and to register please contact:

Joe Akerman, Manager Regional Engagement
Email: | Phone: 1.800.990.2432 | Fax: 250.388.5502

Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council

Regional Sport Priorities

The Interior Regional Committee identified seven priority sports, which serve as the focal point for region wide sport development in the areas of youth camps, coaching certification courses and official’s training. The Interior Regions sports are:


Other Sport Development Programs

Aboriginal Coaching Module XploreSportZ Camps Run Jump Throw
SOAR High Five Program

The Partners Council provides support to each of its six Regional Committees, in the form of a staff person and funding, to advance the sport priorities they have established within their Regional Action Plans. Accordingly, the Partners Council is now planning to deliver a number of community based sport development events (camps, clinics, courses) in locations across the Interior Region from April 1 to August 31, 2014.

We are inviting First Nations, Métis Chartered Communities, Friendship Centres and other not-for-profit Aboriginal organizations to request to host Regional Youth Sport Camps, Coaching Certification Courses and/or Officials Training Sessions (for the above identified sports) in their community/Centre. To apply, please complete the attached form and we will do our very best to make this unique opportunity a reality.

Note: Requests for sport development activities outside of the list of priority sports are welcomed and the Regional Committee will consider those requests during the selection process

Please complete and submit the attached form by 5pm March 24, 2014 to:

Bernard (Buzz) Manuel Jr.
Interior Region Sport and Physical Activity Coordinator
Ph: 250.378.5107 Fax: 250.378.6676

• The Interior Regional Committee will conduct a selection process to identify hosts. Selections will be based on merit and partnerships with other organizations and surrounding communities
• The Partners Council will work with host communities/Centres to plan and deliver these events
• Please complete the attached application form and/or contact your Regional Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator for more information

Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council
Interior Region
Sport Development Camps and Clinics
2014 Host Application Form


Name of First Nation/Friendship Centre/Metis Chartered Community/ Organization:
Main Contact Name: Position:
Work Phone: Cell/ Home Phone:
Fax #: Email:
Alternate Contact: Email: Phone:

Please select one or more Sport Development program requested for your community:

Priority # Sport Youth Camps, Coaching Courses or Official Training Suggested Date(s)

Additional Opportunities

Priority # Program Suggested Date(s)
XploreSportZ Multi-sports Camp
Run, Jump, Throw Kids Camp or Facilitator Training
Aboriginal Coaching Module Course
SOAR (Curling, Golf & Tennis) School based program
High Five Program


Name of Facility:
Description of Facility:
Equipment Available at facility:
Partnerships and Surrounding Communities: