BC Public Service – Hiring up to 25 Aboriginal Youth

Great opportunity for a Youth Internship Program.

I am pleased to announce the release of a job posting to hire up to 25 Aboriginal Youth for Year 9 of the Aboriginal Youth Internship Program!

What is AYIP about? We asked our 146 alumni and 22 interns and they say AYIP is about:

Who are our AYIP alumni and interns?

What kinds of jobs are they doing now?

AYIP is also about what you make it

What if I don’t know what my vocation my passion in life is?
Even better, AYIP is a great place to help you find your place.

Call to action
Visit this job posting and download your application today and apply before May 1st.

Forward this email to a friend, family member, community member, and encourage an Aboriginal youth you know to apply!

Stephanie Papik, BSc. (Hon), Program Lead – Aboriginal Youth Internship Program
The Learning Centre | Talent Management Division | BC Public Service Agency
Fourth Floor | 716 Courtney Street | Victoria BC | V8W 1C2
Office: 250-387-7288 | Blackberry: 250-217-8235 | Toll Free 1.877.277.0772
Aboriginal Youth Internship Program

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