Order of the Sash to Terry Fox

T. Fox

Abbotsford, BC (April 16, 2015) – Métis Nation British Columbia President Bruce Dumont on behalf of the MNBC Board of Directors and the Métis Nation awarded the Order of the Sash posthumously to Terry Fox last year at the 2014 Annual General Meeting. Darrell Fox, Terry’s brother was unfortunately unable to attend the AGM as his work had him overseas. Today at the MNBC office in Abbotsford, President Dumont along with Lower Mainland Regional Director Glen Ohs, and the majority of the MNBC staff were honored to personally present the Order of the Sash to Darrel in honor of Terry’s many contributions to our nation and to human kind. President Dumont also presented Darrel with his first Sash since establishing his Métis citizenship.
Today Darrell, accepted the “The Order of the Sash” on his brothers behalf. This award honors and recognizes outstanding contributions, personal sacrifices, selfless commitments, and services to the Métis nation, and/or Canada.
Too many of our lives have been impacted, in one way or another, by cancer. What Fox accomplished with his Marathon of Hope as a very young man is more than remarkable. He was able to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and this legacy continues stronger than ever today. But I think it is safe to suggest that it was Fox’s attitude in the face of ultimate adversity that keeps his memory so alive in the minds of Canadians, and people all over the world. Darrell spoke of Terry Fox runs being held in Countries like Abu Dhabi. Terry Fox proved, that no matter what obstacles life may throw at you, anything is possible. A true Hero indeed and most deserving of this Order.
A very emotional Darrell Fox when receiving his own Sash said “I am very proud of my Métis Heritage and honored to belong to the Metis Nation BC.” Assistant to the Director of Registries and Harvesting Clerk Terry Ranson presented Darrell with his daughters MNBC citizenship card of which Darrell said “my son is next.”
“Today in Abbotsford we were honored with the presence of Darrell Fox and I was very privileged on this special day to present the Order of the Sash. It is a day we will never forget, one of the proudest of many as a Metis Citizen and President of our great Métis Nation BC” said President Dumont.

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