MNC Press Release

Métis National Council
#4-340 MacLaren St.,
Ottawa, ON K2P 0M6

Media Contributes to Cone of Silence Surrounding Métis
Residential Schools
JUNE 2, 2015 OTTAWA, ON: Sadly, the Canadian media has become part of the cone of silence
surrounding the exclusion of Métis residential schools from the reconciliation ceremonies and recommendations in
Ottawa over the past four days.
While extending a lot of coverage, and rightly so, to the closing ceremony of the TRC and its recommendations
released yesterday, the media has totally ignored the plight of the Métis who attended residential or boarding
schools where similar abuses were inflcited upon Métis children by religious orders operating under the sanction
of the Canadian State.
CBC TV was the only media to reach out to the Métis Nation on Monday night seeking an interview on Tuesday
morning but then informed the MNC that there was no time for the interview. At least they made contact!
“It’s extremely disappointing that the Canadian media would totally ignore the two press statements issued by the
Métis Nation on Monday and Tuesday respectively, even more so APTN which was approached on Monday by
MNC communications as well as being sent the press release directly,” stated Métis Nation President Clément
Chartier, a former student of the Ile a la Crosse boarding school in northwest Saskatchewan where former students
suffered the same form of abuse as those attending Indian residential schools.
“For the Métis Nation and the former Métis residential schools students to be treated in such a shameless manner
where our voices are not heard does not bode well for reconciliation between the Métis Nation and the rest of
Canada” stated Chartier, concluding that “it is extremely disappointing to have the media treat us in such an
egregious and disrespectful manner”.

For more information please contact:

Ke Ning
Métis National Council
c: (613) 297-5193

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