Call for Interests Regional Employment and Training Committee Members (RETC) Deadline July 22, 2015

Expressions of Interest Invited to fill RETC Vacancies

RETC vacancies exist in Region 1 (Vancouver Island & Powell River), Region 3 (Thompson Okanagan) and Region 6 (North West).

The Criteria for the position:

  • Must be a Métis Citizen or self-identified Métis person residing within the region
  • Must be willing to serve as a RETC member for two years
  • To be considered, an eligible individual must submit a short bio or cv with their expression of interest to the Director of the Métis Employment & Training Program

The Process:

  • A letter expressing your interest to be emailed to Arlene Lambert – A/Director of Métis Employment & Training at
  • A short bio or cv needs to be included in the expression of interest
  • Both documents to be emailed to Arlene Lambert no later than 12 noon PM (Pacific) Wednesday, July 22, 2015
  • The successful RETC member will be chosen by the respective MNBC Regional Governance Council (RGC)

For further information:

Contact Arlene Lambert  – MNBC A/Director of Employment and Training at

Deadline for applying is no later than 12 noon PM (Pacific) Wednesday, July 22, 2015

About the RETC: Regional Employment and Training Committees (RETC) are established in each MNBC region in British Columbia to ensure fair and equitable access to funding assistance provided through the Métis Employment and Training Program (METP), and to be able to assist the Regional METP Coordinator when requested in dealing with challenging files.  The RETC will hear appeals from individuals who wish to challenge a decision of the Regional METP Coordinator declining their application for funding. The RETC also may review applications for funding where amounts requested exceed certain levels or applications that could pose a high level of risk or present other potential problems. These are volunteer positions.

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