Aboriginal Sports, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council

to Leadership &
Capacity Building

Subject: External Funding Opportunity for RBC Sports Day in Canada Events

As the organizer of a registered RBC Sports Day in Canada event, or the potential organizer of an event for 2015, you are invited to apply for funding to support your community-wide event or try-it day event!

Please review the two categories below to determine your eligibility. If you have any questions, please contact Brett Bartlett atbbartlett@participaction.com or (416) 913-1506.

1) Community-wide Events:
The purpose of this special funding is to provide targeted resources to help you enhance the community-wide event you are planning. All applications are reviewed by a panel and will be assessed based on the following criteria:

·         Financial need – what additional value could the funding provide to your event that otherwise would not be possible?

·         Potential of the event to attract media attention (attendance of high performance athletes/politicians)

·         Potential of the event to inspire and encourage sport participation among a large number of people (including the potential to provide onsite participation opportunities)

·         Accessibility to the general public or a broad audience (open to the community to participate)

·         Consideration will also be given to geographic distribution and diversity of sports, age, ability and culture when awarding grants among deserving applicants

Funding is awarded up to a maximum of $2000 at the review panel’s discretion. To apply, please read the Community-wide Grant Guidelines and fill out the online Community-wide Grant Application. The deadline for applications is September 24, 2015.

2) Try-it Day Events:
The try-it day grants provide funding for organizations, clubs and communities in British Columbia to plan a sports “try-it” day in the week leading up to and on RBC Sports Day in Canada. Give the people in your community the opportunity to experience and try a new sport for free betweenNovember 14 and 21, 2015 and your organization could be eligible to receive up to $300 to fund the event.

Try-It Day grants are open to non-profit and community sports organizations, municipalities, Aboriginal and community associations as well as multi-sport and provincial sport organizations to host events in British Columbia.

To apply, please read the Try-it Day Grant Guidelinesand fill out the online Try-it Day Grant Application. The deadline for applications is September 24, 2015.

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