FREE NCCP Coaching Clinics and Travel Subsidies

National Coaching Week is fast approaching and PacificSport Okanagan and PacificSport Interior will be hosting numerous FREE NCCP Coaching Clinics throughout the Interior.  Please visit their websites to find out the locations and dates for these Free events.

Aboriginal Coaching Travel Subsidies:

Limited Travel subsidies are available for Aboriginal coaches travelling 50+ km’s to participate.  Please contact Bernard Manuel at 250-350-3254 or at 250-315-3457 to inquire if you qualify for a Limited Travel Subsidy.  Travel subsidies will be provided after the completion of a coaching course.

Thank you,

Bernard (Buzz) Manuel

Sport and Physical Activity Coordinator – Interior Region

Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council

Office Location:

C/O  N’kwala School, Upper Nicola Band

9410 N’kwala Road, Douglas Lake BC

Mailing Address and Contact Info:

PO Box 3700 | Merritt, BC | V1K 1B8

Phone:  250.350.3254  | Mobile:  250.315.3457

Fax:  250.350.3319 | Email:

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