We invite you to join us for the Fit Nation Initiative!

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FitNation White Buffalo Invitation

Fit Nation Participant information

We invite you to join us for the Fit Nation Initiative!
In November 2013, the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council (Partners Council) launched the highly anticipated program FitNation – the newest initiative under the Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities banner. http://aboriginalsportbc.ca/healthy-living-activities/fit-nation-pilot-fitness-program/
FitNation incorporates a series of dynamic stretching exercises that are fun, adaptable to any fitness level, and presented in an easy-to-use workout format specifically designed to increase physical activity in Aboriginal communities and Friendship Centres across BC.
The program was developed by the Partners Council in affiliation with Nike N7 and Dwayne Roberts, a certified Nike Sparq trainer. The exercises encompassed within the FitNation program can be modified for three basic fitness levels
• Introductory
• Intermediate
• Advanced
The FitNation leader training process differs from the other Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities leader training as there is an application and selection process. Selection is based on other training experience, which includes certification in personal training, coaching certification, and/or experience with delivering other types of fitness and physical activity programs.
In December 2013, the Partners Council trained 10 FitNation Leaders across B.C. and equipped them with the necessary resources/supports to run the program within their own communities. Each of the FitNation leaders will deliver 2 to 3 weekly FitNation classes to their community members over an 8-week period.

In December 2014, the Partners Council hosted the second annual FitNation training forum, attracting 15 new leaders, and 9 return leaders. To date there are 32 trained leaders across BC, of which 22 actively ran FitNation programs in 2014/15, attracting over 550 participants from across the province. White Buffalo Aboriginal and Metis Health Society is privileged and proud to have Clarice Silva, BSW – Aboriginal Child and Youth Wellness Coordinator as one of the trained leaders within the province of BC.

We welcome and invite community to join us, participate in fitness and be inspired!
Please circulate within your network and feel free to call or contact Clarice for further information.

Jeanie Cardinal
Executive Director

White Buffalo Aboriginal & Metis Health Society
Kamloops, BC

Ph: (250) 554-1176
Fax: (250) 554-1157

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