Bursaries Available for Metis Students in the Health Field

This year the focus is on Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorates in health related fields for the following amounts:

Ø  2 Undergrad awards at $5,000…

Ø  2 Masters awards at $7,500

Ø  2 Doctorate awards at $12,500

 Applicants will need to provide:

1) an introductory letter, introducing themselves and their request for financial support.

2) Proof of Field of Study and copy of their registration for current school year.

3) Proof of Metis identity (copy of MNBC Citizenship Card, Community Card or letter from Metis Chartered Community Board)

APPLICANTS must apply by 4:30pm – Friday, May 6th, 2016

Send completed application to the attention of: Tanya Davoren, MNBC Director of Health C/o Gail Parenteau – MNBC Health Program Assistant gparenteau@mnbc.ca

Funding graciously provided by: Provincial Health Services Authority – Aboriginal Health

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