The Aboriginal Youth FIRST Junior Eagle Program

Scuba Diving,
Lifeguarding, Fitness & Nutrition!


The Aboriginal Youth FIRST Junior Eagle Program provides a unique opportunity utilizing sport and recreation as a positive intervention in the lives of Aboriginal youth by providing opportunities to learn job skills, increase self-esteem, develop leadership skills and promote healthy living.

The program lasts 10 days each summer and encourages Aboriginal youth to create a personal vision or goal in their lives by providing short and long term opportunities in the areas of aquatics, lifesaving, scuba diving, first aid and recreational leadership. Through structured activity at the camps, youth are educated on living a lifestyle that includes a variety of physical activities and healthy, nutritional options and discourages unhealthy choices including smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.  Aboriginal youth are encouraged to be junior leaders and, in turn, become role models for future students. They develop skills that prepare them for outdoor leadership opportunities and for employment. All program staff are selected from these junior leaders.

Our 2016 camp has 5 spots left!   July 19-28, 2016
To connect with the program and get an Aboriginal youth onto our contact list for this year’s camp you have the following options:

For an overview our entire program, please visit our homepage at to find out the array of options for your family!

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