The KVR Métis Cultural Day February 20, 2017 Penticton BC


9-9:30- Introductions- Gym (30 minutes Max)

  1. Steve: Acknowledge Territory,  Welcome Guests, Introduce Trustees (5 minutes max)
  2. Terry Kennedy from Metis Association say a few words – who Louis Riel was (5 minutes max)
  3. 2 Pen High Students: Kale Lawrence & Lindsay Karrin speech – what it means to be Metis

(5 minutes max)

  1. Greg Sterling – (spoon history – connection to the Metis ) (10-12 minutes max)



Station #1 – Metis Jig and Mitchif Language – Lisa & Lana  Multi Purpose room

  • students will have a brief introduction of the Metis Language, learning some mitchif words followed by traditional music and Metis Jig dancing


10:30-10:45 Nut Break – In the Gym (metis cookies & rose hip tea)

  • students will be lead to the gym and supervised by teachers
  • sample metis cookies and traditional tea – led by parent volunteers
  • teacher leads students back up to next station


Station # 2 – Minute to Win It – Jessica & Dustin Al?Gym    (2 teacher, 2 parents helpers and 2-3 leadership students)

  • Students will get a brief overview of each station & split into 9 groups of 6-7 (teacher/parent to assist)
  • students lead through 9 different stations, all with a metis theme
  • each station must be completed within a minute time frame


Station #3 –Sash Weaving –Jolanda Poetsch  Room 302

Sash –Jo-Anne Mansel – Room 304

  • Students will learn about the Metis sash and its importance to the Metis people
  • Students will weave a Metis Sash bookmark

12:30-1:10 Lunch – In the Gym

  • Students will be lead to the gym and supervised by teachers
  • Grade 6 students will have a traditional lunch together in the gym –TBA Lead by parent volunteers
  • Buffet style and students will eat together


Station #4-          Spoons-Sandra Hussey – Room 310

SpoonsFiona Anthony-   Room 317

  • Students will be constructing their own set of Metis spoons lead by Greg Sterling

2:10-2:40 – Closing – In the Gym

  • Students will be lead to the gym and supervised by teachers

Presentation of Gifts/Thankyou’s

Students all play their spoons with Greg Sterling and Danny

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