Team BC Theme Song Competition for the 2017 North American Indigenous Games

Victoria, BC (April 18, 2017) – Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (I·SPARC) is pleased to announce the launch of a competition for Indigenous artists to compose and submit an original drum song to be used as Team BC’s official theme song at the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and future Team BC programs. The drum song competition is open to all Indigenous artists (singer/songwriters, composers, musicians) across British Columbia and the winning artist or group will receive a $3,500 prize award.

This is an exciting opportunity for Indigenous artists to be a part of Team BC’s legacy. The selected song will be unveiled at the Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), July 16-23, 2017, and sung at all future events in which Team BC participates (e.g. National Aboriginal Hockey Championships).

The original composition can include both traditional and contemporary elements, Indigenous and English language, but must be sung to the beat of a drum. The composition will capture the spirit and passion of Team BC and as our theme song, Team BC athletes and coaches will sing it throughout the duration of the 2017 NAIG. The song will be used to inspire Team BC during competitions and to create a unique presence at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The details of the Team BC Theme Song competition, including competition rules and submission procedures can be found in the Theme Song Competition Package available for download at

The deadline for submissions is May 18, 2017. The contest winner will be announced in June of 2017.

Team BC Background
The Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (I·SPARC) is responsible for managing the Team BC Programs for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) and the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC). Through the support and oversight of its Team BC Work Group and Provincial Sport Committees, I·SPARC has established a comprehensive Team BC program that includes provincial development programs and selection processes for athletes and coaches that will compete on behalf of British Columbia in national and international competitions. For the 2017 NAIG, over 500 Indigenous athletes and coaches will be selected to represent British Columbia in the following 13 sports: 3D Archery, Athletics (Track & Field, Cross-Country), Badminton, Basketball, Canoe/Kayak, Golf, Lacrosse (Box), Rifle Shooting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling.

For more information on Team BC’s Theme Song Competition, please contact:
Justine Johnson
Team BC Communications Manager
Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council

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