JULY 12, 2017



Smiling on the Outside. Crying on the Inside.

Countless people are in pain, and many are uncertain how to manage this pain. As a result, some individuals turn to substance abuse, self-harm, or even suicide. Sadly, many people are suffering in silence. A smile can appear on the outside while they are crying on the inside. For years, this was Allan.

Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Allan clearly explains why individuals act on destructive behaviors in the first place. He identifies key signs, reviews tools of intervention, and discusses how one teacher was able to change his life during his own personal challenges. Finally, Allan challenges people to take an honest look at what lies beneath their pain, and provides the tools to heal through a holistic approach. Through an interactive quiz, Allan ensures that all participants walk away with an increased understanding of these prevalent issues.

Allan’s captivating message brings people out from the shadows and into the light. Nobody needs to be fixed, but the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable. Allan gently reminds us that we can each assist individuals to acknowledge their personal challenges, and empower them to find their voice in times of need.

 Allan Kehler is a highly sought-after speaker who has gained national attention for his engaging style and captivating approach. He has spent years working as an addictions counselor, clinical case manager, and college instructor. Allan’s writing has been published in countless national magazines, and his books can be found in classrooms and workplaces across Canada. Allan resides in Saskatoon with

his beautiful wife, four sons, two dogs, and cat ‘Hank the Tank’.


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