The EAGLE workshops precede the launch of the ACE program

As promised here is some detailed information on the upcoming EAGLE workshops scheduled for 4 different time slots and locations.eagle poster Salmon Armeagle poster SplatsinLD-Eagle-application-form-Sept-2017-Salmon ArmLD-Eagle-application-form-Sept-2017-SplatsinLD-EAGLE-BROCHURE-Sept-2017-Salmon ArmLD-EAGLE-BROCHURE-Sept-2017-Splatsin

The EAGLE workshops precede the launch of the ACE program.  I will be hosting 4 identical 3-day workshops called “Empowering Aboriginal Generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs” (EAGLE). 

  • EAGLE 3-day workshop (this workshop is for anyone interested in finding out if they are wired for self-employment or not.  It is Free and open to everyone. There is lunch providedeach day but no other supports available). After completing this 3-day workshop participants will know if the ACE program is for them or not. It’s a small investment of time and will help get the right people in the 18 available ACE seats.

The dates and locations set aside for the EAGLE workshops are as follows

  • Sept 14 to 16 (Thursday to Saturday): Splatsin Community Centre, Meeting Room 3, Enderby, BC
  • Sept 20 to 22 (Wednesday to Friday): Melamen Health Centre, Salmon Arm, BC
  • Sept 25 to 27 (Thursday to Saturday): Splatsin Community Centre, Meeting Room 3, Enderby, BC
  • Sept 28 to 30(Thursday to Saturday) : Splatsin Community Centre, Meeting Room 3, Enderby, BC

I have attached brochures, application forms, and posters with the workshop information and contact information on them. I am hoping that you will share this information with any individual you think might be interested, as well as any organization that might have clients or community members that would benefit from this valuable training. Please feel free to post information on bulletin boards and in newsletters! The EAGLE workshop is available to anyone! It is free, and a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of what Entrepreneurship and Leadership is all about! You may even have staff who might be interested? The EAGLE workshop is a great stand-alone workshop with valuable take away’s that will benefit all who have the chance to participate. For those who decide they want ‘more’….the Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) Training Program will launch in October.

Please help spread the word! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Warm regards,

Debra Tamagi

Program Manager/Coach Shuswap Region

University of Victoria, GSB, Executive Programs


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