We are Pleased to announce our Winter 2018 Hosting Application

I·SPARC provides support to each of its six Regional Committees, in the form of a funding, to advance the sport priorities they have established within the Regional Action Plans.

First Nations, Métis Chartered Communities, Friendship Centres and other not-for-profit Indigenous organizations are invited to apply to host a Sport Development Camp, Coaching Certification Course, and/or Officials Training Session in their community.

The Regional Coordinating Group will conduct a selection process to approve the host applications.  Selections will be based on merit and partnerships with other organizations and surrounding communities.

These sport camps or courses are community-based programs and can range from 1-2 day events up to multi-week sessions.

Please complete application by 5 pm, FRIDAY, Jan 5th, 2018 for program delivery dates of JANUARY TO MARCH 31, 2018.

Here is the link to register on line: or contact me for assistance to email or fax the hosting application.

Happy Holidays,

Michelle Webster

Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator, Interior Region


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