FREE MNBC Justice Strategy Consultation – Regional Session Kelowna June 25, 2019

About this Event

MNBC have been working closely with the Province of British Columbia and the office of the Attorney General on the creation of the first ever Indigenous Justice Strategy for BC. We will host 7 regional consultation sessions starting June 2019 and will be complete by end of July 2019. Input from communities and citizens is vital to provide the best recommendations to government. There will be additional opportunities to provide recommendations to MNBC via email and online.


June 25, 2019 – Region 3 Kelowna

(Sandman Hotel 5:00 pm)

Diner will be served so please register online using Eventbrite or by emailing us at: (insert new email address here) so that we can ensure there is enough food for everyone.

MNBC Justice Strategy Consultation

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action (“TRC Calls to Action”) and the Draft principles guide B.C. Public Service on relationships with Indigenous peoples (“Draft Principles”) both emphasis the need for participation by each Nation in establishing self-government and reconciliation. Two principles shared by TRC Calls to Action and Draft Principles are directly relevant and reproduced below:

“The right of Indigenous peoples to self-determination and self-government, and the responsibility of government to change operating practices and processes to recognize these rights… (and)

A focus on approaching “free, prior and informed consent” in a collaborative and constructive way when proposed actions by the provincial government affect Indigenous peoples and their rights.”

When these principles are combined they reflect the common axiom “Nothing about us; without us.” This is the reason MNBC believes it is essential to consult with our citizens and establish the Council to guide an Indigenous Justice Strategy for BC Métis.

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