Deadline: April 2, 2020

Canada Post Community Foundation Grants.

Grant funds

Over the past 8 years, the Community Foundation has given over $8 million to more than 780 projects in an effort to positively impact our communities.

Canada Post gives grants to charitable organizations, non-profits, schools, libraries and communities to support children and youth (up to age 21) initiatives.

Community-based Support Projects provide grants up to $25,000.

Projects must involve capacity-building or the creation or expansion of services, rather than the maintenance of existing services.

Expansion may include augmentation of a service, addition of a service or inclusion of a new geographic territory.

Capacity-building activities could also include hiring and/or training staff; or covering costs directly related to the delivery of a program, such as mileage, facilities rental, communications activities; or the purchase, construction or addition of new equipment or facilities.

Grants to unregistered organizations will not exceed $5,000 each.

The Canada Post Community Foundation has $1.18 million available to grant in the 2020 grant cycle.

 Get support with grants

Read frequently asked questions or contact Canada Post.


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