Aboriginal Coaching Modules

Aboriginal Sport, Recreation & Physical Activity Partners Council

Monday, March 27, 2017 Times: 8:30 to 5:30 pm

Skelep School of Excellence Gym 365 Pow Wow Trail Kamloops BC, V0E 2A0

Interior Region Aboriginal Coaching Modules (ACM)

The Aboriginal Coaching Modules (ACM) is a National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) course that is beneficial for all coaches who work with Aboriginal youth and athletes.

The ACM was developed to supplement the NCCP certification process.
Facilitated by Dorothy Paul

 Holistic approach to coaching
 Racism in sport including definitions that may be useful in a discussion of racism
 Topics on individual and Community Health and Wellness

Sport can foster better health conditions, social skills, and community healing. Working with youth in Aboriginal communities provide coaches with opportunities for personal growth and development.

Please note the deadline to apply is Monday, March 20, 2017

Inquiries and Registration Contact
Michelle Webster | 250.306.2391 | mwebster@bcaafc.com
Online Registration:

Kamloops Indian Band is Hosting the ACM Modules (NCCP) Training
Ages 16+ Max 20 participants
Lunch will be provided

The KVR Métis Cultural Day February 20, 2017 Penticton BC


9-9:30- Introductions- Gym (30 minutes Max)

  1. Steve: Acknowledge Territory,  Welcome Guests, Introduce Trustees (5 minutes max)
  2. Terry Kennedy from Metis Association say a few words – who Louis Riel was (5 minutes max)
  3. 2 Pen High Students: Kale Lawrence & Lindsay Karrin speech – what it means to be Metis

(5 minutes max)

  1. Greg Sterling – (spoon history – connection to the Metis ) (10-12 minutes max)



Station #1 – Metis Jig and Mitchif Language – Lisa & Lana  Multi Purpose room

  • students will have a brief introduction of the Metis Language, learning some mitchif words followed by traditional music and Metis Jig dancing


10:30-10:45 Nut Break – In the Gym (metis cookies & rose hip tea)

  • students will be lead to the gym and supervised by teachers
  • sample metis cookies and traditional tea – led by parent volunteers
  • teacher leads students back up to next station


Station # 2 – Minute to Win It – Jessica & Dustin Al?Gym    (2 teacher, 2 parents helpers and 2-3 leadership students)

  • Students will get a brief overview of each station & split into 9 groups of 6-7 (teacher/parent to assist)
  • students lead through 9 different stations, all with a metis theme
  • each station must be completed within a minute time frame


Station #3 –Sash Weaving –Jolanda Poetsch  Room 302

Sash –Jo-Anne Mansel – Room 304

  • Students will learn about the Metis sash and its importance to the Metis people
  • Students will weave a Metis Sash bookmark

12:30-1:10 Lunch – In the Gym

  • Students will be lead to the gym and supervised by teachers
  • Grade 6 students will have a traditional lunch together in the gym –TBA Lead by parent volunteers
  • Buffet style and students will eat together


Station #4-          Spoons-Sandra Hussey – Room 310

SpoonsFiona Anthony-   Room 317

  • Students will be constructing their own set of Metis spoons lead by Greg Sterling

2:10-2:40 – Closing – In the Gym

  • Students will be lead to the gym and supervised by teachers

Presentation of Gifts/Thankyou’s

Students all play their spoons with Greg Sterling and Danny