B.C. Aboriginal Network on Disability Society

Dear Community Partners: 

I would like to provide you with details on the Province of BC – on increasing accessibility for people with disabilities – Conversations:

 This is an opportunity for all to participate in a conversation on persons with a disability.  There is a wide range of topics identified, such as  housing and accessibility, work, personal supports, etc.  There are various options to participate in the conversation, including community engagement sessions held in parts of BC from January 20, 2014 to February 26, 2014, which range from late afternoon to evening events.  There are other ways to participate in the conversation, by mail, phone, internet, hose an event.  Overall, you will be able to participate until  March 11, 2014.

 The conversations will be transferred into a briefing document, called a white paper, which will form the discussions for a summit gathering proposed for June 2014.  There is an opportunity to learn more about the summit on the website.

 For more information, please go the following link: 


 Please participate and provide input on Aboriginal persons with disabilities.  Please feel free to forward this information to your contacts.

 Thank you for your time and attention.

Carrie Tom                                                          
Resource and Support Worker                                                    
B.C. Aboriginal Network on                                                                       
Disability Society                                             

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Victoria British Columbia – Canada – V9A 7K7

Telephone: (250) 381 – 7303
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email: RSW@bcands.bc.ca




Metis Nation British Columbia and Metis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) will be sponsoring 8 Metis Youth between the ages of 14 and 24 to attend this year’s Gathering Our Voices.

The Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference is hosted by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres (BCAAFC) and their Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council (BCAAFC – PAYC). The Conference will be held from March 18-21, 2014 in Vancouver, BC on the shared traditional territory of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-waututh Nations at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver and Fairmont Vancouver Hotel.

This conference will bring up to 2000 youth (14-24years), chaperones, presenters and guests to network and learn new techniques and skills in workshops, share knowledge through cultural activities, witness performances by talented individuals, explore career and education possibilities and participate in sports and recreational activities.

For more information on Gathering Our Voices, please visit their website at: http://www.bcaafc.com/newsandevents/gathering-our-voices


**All sections MUST be filled in to complete the registration process**

First Name: _____________________________ Last Name: _________________________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ Province: ____________________ Postal Code: ___________

Phone: ______________________________ Alternate Phone: _______________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________________

Gender:      ⃝ Male     ⃝ Female

Age: ____________ Birth Date: ___________________________


If under 19, name and phone number of the adult interested in accompanying you:

Adult Name: ________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Chaperone:  ⃝ will cover own travel costs    ⃝ is seeking travel support    ⃝ MYBC chaperone required

IMPORTANT: Please note that MYBC has limited financial resources and may not be able to support the costs associated with personal chaperones. MYBC will provide chaperones for any under-aged youth attending the event.  If a chaperone wishes to attend GOV without the financial support of MYBC, we would be happy to arrange shared accommodations during the event.


What city or airport will you be departing from? _______________________________________

What is your preferred mode of travel? _____________________________________________

Preferred departure date and time: ________________________________________________

Preferred return date and time: ___________________________________________________

Any special travel needs or requests: _______________________________________________



Please note that due to space limitations, youth and chaperones will be asked to share a room.

Roommate requests will be accommodated as much as possible, but cannot always be met.

Roommate requests: __________________________________________________________

Any special accommodation concerns: ___________________________________________

Food allergies or relevant health concerns: _______________________________________


Adult Name: ________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Relationship: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________ Alt Number: __________________________


Please remember that you are attending Gathering Our Voices because you are a Metis youth leader. The following behaviour is important not just for yourself, but also because you are a role model to your community:

  • Show respect for all participants of the conference.
  • Show respect for the social / cultural values of other youth from other communities.
  • Show respect for the event organizers (staff, volunteers, guests, presenters, service personnel, and hotel staff).
  • Participate fully in all event activities—workshops, discussions, evening events, and all other activities.
  • Demonstrate respect by refraining from alcohol or drug use at any time on your way to the conference, during the conference or on your way from home from the conference. There will be zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol by all delegates, chaperones and guests.
  • Honour the safety of others and commit to an event free from violence, weapons, harassment or threats.
  • Remember that your personal conduct, both in and out of the conference, reflects upon your community and it is your responsibility to safeguard the reputation and pride of all Aboriginal people.
  • The event organizers reserve the right to send home any delegates who do not adhere to this code of conduct.

I agree to the 2014 Gathering Our Voices code of ethics as described above.


Signature: ___________________________ Date: ________________